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Dianne Jenkins

The New Woman at the Top

Immediate Past President & Corpor8 Committee

Garry Froude

Working his way out the door


Delia Crombie

Taker of all the records.


Fiona Carter

Someone to be nice to cause she pays the bills.

Coach Co-ordinator

Peter Sinclair

Been a long time supporter

Co Club Captain

Matthew Jenkins

Bringing a fresh new approach to the job.

Co Club Captain & Committee Member

Max Nally

Keeping it in the family !!

Deputy Club Captain& Committee Member

Zoe Hinton


Media Officer & Committee Member

Sarah Hamilton

Been there done that and still giving a hand ...

Safety Officer,Committee

Sheree Gamble

Fresh Blood

Committee Member & Coach

Russell Jenkins


Committee Member

Julie Findlay

Committee Member

Wayne Harding


Committee Member

Suzanne Townshend


Committee Member

Melissa Horrell


Coach & Committee Member

Danny Young



Evan France